Monday, 31 May 2010

My big day out!!!

hello guys and dolls,

Today I went to Edinburgh with my family. We met my gran and grandad and my cousins and my auntie and uncle!!!! We came by train (which took 50 mins!!!!). On the train my brothers and me were so bored!!! I just listened to my i-pod for about 2 songs worth!!! My brothers where having stupid fights about who got to listen to my brother Ben's i-pod even though he was reading a book!!! (Sorry Ben I have to be on Jack's side this time) (Although Jack did not bring anything so...). Anyway when we got there my mum and dad had no idea where to go so we just walked around like idiots!!! It was also really hot so when I took my cardigan off I became absolutely freezing. I said to my dad that that's why they call Edinburgh the land of weird weather.... ( I'm a little weird!!!) So finally when we found the rest of the family it was about 1 o'clock and we got to Edinburgh at 12!!! My cousin Charlotte is my only girl cousin so I mostly stayed with her. We talked about this blog and my cousin for some reason didn't know what a blog was so that conversation turned into how thick she was!!! We also saw a little street show where a guy was doing stunts with sharp and fiery things but I wasn't watching that...I was watching this guy who kept looking at the ground and would never look up, it was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!! My cousins are from England BTW !!! We went into I think every cafe/pub in Edinburgh. It was fun!! We also saw the outside and inside of the Scottish Parliament. Inside the Scottish P there is a metal detector and my cousin Charlotte left her phone in her pocket and when she went through it it beeped and the guard came up to her and he looked angry!!! It was funny!!!! Then we went to a joke shop and I bought some fake cigarettes and silly string!!! I really wanted this cool dagger that is actually a comb!!! But then I would have gotten 3 things and everyone else only got 2 things!! Then finally we all went home and I started writing this...

I wore blue jeans and a blue laced top that was really really nice but very cold to wear!!! I also dont have many shoes (thanks mum) so I had to wear my black school shoes I looked really weird!!!


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